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RNAi technology has broad application prospects in a challenging post-genome era, and it will create a new technological revolution in biomedical research. The chemically-synthetic siRNA gene drug development will become a promising new industry.
Company Introduction
GenePharma is a biotech company founded in Shanghai Hi-Tech Park by a few scientists who have worked in various western countries.
Company Goal
GenePharma aims to become a global main supplier and service provider of RNAi products, utilizing our existing advantages of the technology, experience, low cost and the dedication of our staff.
Technical Platform
The company has all the internationally leading core technologies of siRNA chemical synthesis, which include the RNA monomer synthesis technology, the custom and chemically-modified siRNA oligo synthesis technology, the nucleic acid fluorescent labeling technology, and many nucleotide chemical modification technologies.
Shanghai GenePharma has a high-quality workforce, with chemical, biological, medical or related professional background, and it always treats "Dedication, Enthusiasm, Unity, and Innovation" as its code of conduct. The R&D team is led by senior scientists who have studied and worked aboard for many years and the experienced staff, many of whom have a masters or doctorate degree.
Management Experience
The company CEO Dr. Pei-zuo Zhang, one of the founders, has more than ten years of experience in research, product development and production experience in gene chemistry in British universities and companies. The other founders and senior managers also have many years of experience of comprehensive management, R&D, production management, sales management, Q.C. management and logistics management in similar domestic or foreign companies.
The companies products cover chemically-synthetic RNA monomer, custom siRNA oligo, chemically-modified RNA oligo, fluorescent dye for biological macromolecules marker; Biosynthesis siRNA, shRNA; DNAs encoding shRNA, plasmid vector encoding shRNA; RNAi service based on chemical synthesis, RNAi service based on vector regulation; siRNA related reagents and RNA-related product sales; common molecular biology reagent and laboratory supplies sales, etc.
Market Share
Our RNAi related products not only occupy a large domestic market share, but also are rising in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, South Korea and other countries and regions. The company currently sells more than half of its products to overseas markets.
Company Environment
Our company is located in the biomedical base, Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Park. It provides employees with a good working environment and approximately 1000 square meters of modern plant, clean and orderly production areas, R&D areas and office areas, which also guarantee us to produce high-quality products continuously and stably under ISO9001 standard.
Quality Assurance
With the experience of similar foreign companies, our company adopts standardized management practices in product development, production, packaging, storage, as well as its financial management, sales management and logistics management according to ISO9000 quality management standards. Furthermore, we put our tireless efforts on constantly improving various operational procedures to ensure that the company's products and services continue to satisfy our customers.
Scientific Research Cooperation
GenePharma has already established cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Peking University and several famous biopharmaceutical companies; We sincerely hope that we could establish long-term co-operative relations with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, hospitals and other units in the development and production of new drugs and diagnostic reagents.
GenePharma’s goal is 100% customer satisfaction.